Auckland wedding and portrait photographer

photographer [fəˈtɒɡrəfə]

noun a person who takes photographs, especially as a job.
experience enhancer, dress holder, timeline creator, emotion capturer, cuddle encourager, nerve calmer, make up checker, hair straightener, camera ninja, panic calmer, crisis averter, shoe fixer, smile coaxer, group photo herder, light chaser, great angle finder,
cake lover, bow tie fastener, kid wrangler, time keeper, memory capturer, magic maker

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Your wedding day will go by in a blur, with epic moments happening all over the place. If you book me, you can relax, knowing that I will be mingling with your guests and capturing candid moments as they unfold. I’ll be unobtrusive but will always be in the right place at the right time.

I’ve been in love with photographing weddings from the very first one I assisted. Everything about them, from the nerves, the excitement, the beautiful intimate moments, the special details, the love, the laughter, to the tears and the crazy dancing! Let me capture it all so you can look back, smile and treasure your day forever.

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